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The second book in the Asters Original Series is published!!

A Crown Denied

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Announcing the second book in the

Asters Original Series

Published 20 November 2023
Available in e, print and on KU here,
and in print also here

Their deadliest enemy always one step ahead.

Can the Asters unmask the spy before critical secrets are exposed and lives are lost?

After a gruelling mission in the Amazon Rainforest, Sky and his fellow Asters have succeeded in bringing their reluctant new Queen back to their island home.

While Sky prepares for the mission that should bring the King of the South American Underworld to their knees, he finds himself drawn to his Queen’s extraordinary powers and beauty, despite her ruthless reputation. And when a trusted ally turns foe, his divided loyalties could threaten everything he holds dear.

A Crown Denied is the second book in the Asters Original Series following the adventures of the five magical Asters – Lian, Sophie, Matu, Nathan and Sky. If you like action-driven fantasy, conflict and intrigue, cunning adversaries and unusual magic, this is the series for you.

Click here to discover whose betrayal will draw the Asters and their Queen in to another fatal reckoning with the most powerful Dark King of all time.