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The first book in the Asters Original Series is published!!

From Fury Reborn

The second book in the Asters Original Series is available for pre-order

A Crown Denied

Announcing the second book in the

Asters Original Series

A Crown Denied

Publication date 20 November 2023
Available for pre-order here

Their greatest enemy always one step ahead.
The shattering reveal – a traitor in their midst.
Can the spy be unmasked before
critical secrets are exposed and lives are lost?

Announcing the first book in the

Asters Original Series

From Fury Reborn

Published 20 August 2022
Available in e, print and on KU here,
and in print also here

Five magical warriors.

One dangerous mission.

Two fearsome enemies.

When they all converge in the deadly jungle, who will come out alive?

Protecting humans from the seven Dark Kings is the duty of the Affinite race, led by the Asters, five people each with a unique form of magic.

Nathan is one of them. With his magic of Flora, he can manipulate nature with the wave of a hand and tear a hole in the earth with the snap of his fingers. But his powers have been expanding, and in Aster history, growing magic has been fatal for the Aster wielding it…

Charged with investigating sinister events in the Amazon, Nathan and his fellow Asters prepare themselves to face the smartest and deadliest King ever. But there is more than one monster roaming the jungle. And Nathan’s magic holds the key to its identity.

Can Nathan harness his unique connection to the Asters’ newest enemy and form an alliance against the Dark King? Or will that only put them in more danger than ever?

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