About me

Hi, I write YA fantasy stories full of magic and adventure, action and jeopardy, sacrifice and betrayal, deep bonds of friendship, and a light touch of romance. My first series describes a world where humans with exceptional affinities for specific traits, the Affinites, led by a magical elite known as the Asters, protect humans from the ever-present threat from Dark Kings.

The Asters are a diverse group of teenagers, magically and culturally, whose adventures take them to all parts of the world, both above and below ground, filling a gap in the YA fantasy genre that I wanted to read but couldn’t find. The idea for the Asters first came to me on holiday aged 15; building the legend, history, characters and events of the Astersphere in my head and on notes, has consumed most of my spare time ever since. In 2021, I published the Aster Prequel Novella trilogy to the main series. I am currently working on the novels in the multi-book Asters Original Series starting with the first, From Fury Reborn, published in 2022. Book 2 in the series, A Crown Denied, will publish in November 2023.

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I am a Dutch-English native. I graduated from the University of Amsterdam with a degree in English Literature and from London Middlesex University with a Master’s in Novel Writing. Next to writing, I train guide dogs for the blind. My dream is to support myself with my writing so I have the time to foster and train more guide dogs on the side. I currently live in Amsterdam with my flatmate.