Meet the Asters


Charming – Confident – Reckless

Known as the greatest Aster of his generation, Sky makes sure no one ever forgets it. He flashes his smile and shows off his skills to anyone who’ll watch. And there are many who will. But behind the arrogance and the womanizing a heart of gold is buried deep down. Only his fellow Asters have caught glimpses of it over the years. On missions he will do whatever he can to keep the others safe. Though acting on pure instinct and short-term consequences, he has a habit of landing in tough situations that aren’t always the easiest to get out of.


Quiet – Focused – Respectful

Nathan’s silent demeanour should not be underestimated. He is observant and attentive and picks up on details no one else does. His silence also means that when he raises his voice there is a very good reason. He is kind and compassionate, and understands his fellow Asters in ways like the others don’t. But out on missions there is no kindness. As if all the warm parts of his personality freeze over and his only focus is the operation at hand. When he needs to be, he can be the deadliest of them all.


Determined – Dutiful – Protective

As the oldest Aster, Matu feels responsible for the others. Acting like the older brother he wants to make sure everyone else is safe, before he steps away from a fight. He is kind and loving, but being the more serious Aster, Sky and Lian can get on his nerves. Though, he can join them in having a good time when the Small Council calls that they are officially off duty.


Witty – Bright – Empathetic

As the only girl Aster, she can definitely hold her own amongst the boys. Even if they’d like to think so, she doesn’t need their protection. With her deep cunning she foresees attacks even before her pursuers devise to make them and she comes up with escape plans that are beyond anything the boys could ever think of. Back on Saluverus she cares for all those around her, but with her clever and sarcastic comebacks she’ll continually remind her fellow Asters she is not one to mess with.


Loyal – Playful – Brave

If any of the Asters wanted to go into the barrels of hell, against orders from the Small Council, Lian would join them no questions asked. Loyal to a fault to his fellow Asters and Asters alone, Lian wouldn’t think twice about sacrificing himself if it meant keeping them all alive. When not on missions, Lian is always in for a good joke and a fun evening, and he doesn’t take life too seriously.