South America remains a mystery.
The retreating research and rescue teams are still not safe. Darkness stalks them, and not all make it back to home base alive.

Percy Kelly is the only known survivor of the Disciple attack in the Amazon Rainforest. He is the only one who can shed light on what happened, but is too traumatised to speak of what he has seen.

Meanwhile, chaos continues to unfold in North America.

Sophie and Sky are trapped by Mitrik, and his best inner-circle soldiers.
Lian is gravely injured and has no way of getting healed.
Nathan and Matu are on the outside, with no way of getting back in.

The Asters will have to be smarter than their enemy, and use their magic in ways they didn’t even know was possible.

Only then will they have any chance of staying alive and taking down the North American King and his uprising.