A Queen To Come is an utterly enthralling saga of magic and subterfuge. Also highly recommended are “Aster prequel” novellas, “A Threat to Remain” and “A World To Lose”.

Selected Instagram and Goodreads reviews for A Queen To Come

– Good start. Original. Some of this is a bit hard to explain, but the author does a pretty good job with it so the reader is in the loop the whole time. There is plenty of action and the fight sequences are pretty good. I’d like to see more world building, as you only get a taste of it here. The ending was a trip, but I won’t give anything away. This is a good start. Uncaged Book Reviews, Amazon Vine Voice

– Establishing a fantasy world can be so taxing at times and I sympathise with first books because they tend to suffer from extreme exposition. Once this was out the way however I did really enjoy it. The character’s gel really nicely together and I appreciated seeing their relationships uncovered throughout. Pace-wise this was spot on. I didn’t find it particularly sluggish or too fast at any point and it managed to keep steady momentum along the way. I’m definitely going to be picking the next one up asap. Kira

– This book has it all. Lots of action, fantastic original characters that are very realistic, as well as relatable and even funny. This novella ended on such a cliff hanger I did not want it to end! I will not say anything about the plot because of spoilers but ugh! I need to know what happens next!!! I cannot wait to read the second novella. I love this society, the magic system as well as the lore throughout this world. I always love it when authors create myth-type stories that impact and explain what is happening in the current story and Frances did this perfectly! I actually finished this novella in 2 sittings, that’s how good it is. If you are looking for a fast-paced, action packed adventure with an amazing cast of characters from all over the world, and from varying cultures then this is the story (series) for you! I highly recommend this novella to everyone. Brooke

– The world that the author has created is similar to our own but with slight differences. I like the comparisons to real world landmarks to allow the reader to build up the new world in their mind. This is right up my street; competitive male characters, magic, myth and castles with a massive library! The story switches between character POV and let’s you get to know each one in turn via their internal monologue. Fast paced enough to keep the reader engaged but not overly so, in so much as the reader can follow the plot, keep the characters straight & still enjoy the read. The story has a brilliant mix of reality, myth and lore and is a fantasy readers joy to behold! Wowsers! Really enjoyed this novella – cannot wait for the next instalment. Jacqueline

– I loved this book. There are five Asters with different magical powers to protect our world. There is a Queen with the most powerful magic of all, although she doesn’t know it yet. And there is a Dark King standing in their way. I’m invested in the story, the characters, and THE PLOT TWIST?! Can’t wait for the next novella! Gwendoline

– Set on the magical island of Saluverus, this YA novella is a highly detailed fantasy piece. Its five main characters are young, vibrant and multicultural. A very strong bond connects them, which is perhaps what I enjoyed most: between their sibling-like bickering and bantering lies a deep affection and loyalty, to each other and to the wellbeing of Saluverus. There are occasions when the amount of detail slows the plot and makes for some repetition; however, the imagination and love that has gone into building this world is palpable. Its mythology is beautiful – reminiscent of Norse mythology – and because of the Asters’ powers we get to travel all over, even to the Underworld. It ends on a terrific note of tension, with a twist I didn’t expect, which has piqued my interest for the next instalment! Abby

– The author has created a fantasy world which is truly amazing with diversified characters and powers that will keep you hooked and asking for more. The plot was absorbing and thoughtful with a twist to shock you. I could literally imagine the scenes in front of me which is what I loved about this book. It gives you that imagination. I really enjoyed reading it and can’t wait for the second book in the series. My favourite Aster is Sophie with her great sarcasm and fighting spirit to also save everyone by healing them. Kriti

– The novella took me a bit to get into at first, but once the action started I couldn’t put it down a read it in one sitting and was left wanting to know what happens next! My favourite part was how the author incorporated a magical realm / existence into our existing world (versus a whole made-up fantasy world). I loved how the author references people from all over the world – Australia, England, Tokyo, Kenya, Iceland, America and even Canada (🇨🇦❤️) – it felt like a multi-cultural YA fantasy. The cast of characters is very diverse too with different accents, backgrounds, and of course magical abilities. My interest is definitely peaked and I can’t wait to see where the Asters journey leads in the coming Asters series! Kristen

– The plot of this book is so amazing and fresh. Reading this you will travel to various places while being in you comfort place. It will take you on a journey of emotions. From being Anxious, Happiness Nervousness and Anger. Definitely recommended if you want to take a break from this busy World and transport to the World of Magic and Fantasy. Prashant

– Kudos to Frances Ellen on creating a fantasy world that is very different from others we have read. For anyone looking for a new fantasy read, I highly recommend A Queen To Come! Ayesha

– I loved the diversity of the characters this book features, and while at times I found the writing slightly simplistic, once the action began I found it difficult to put down! I look forward to reading more from the world Ellen has created! Ellie

– The world-building and plot are phenomenal, and the characters are some of the most vivid I’ve encountered. Tanmay

Selected Instagram and Goodreads reviews for A World To Lose

– Excellent! Beginning three days from the ending of the first in the series (A Queen to Come) you once again find yourself immersed in this action packed story. I have to admit that I actually read both of these books in one sitting! I just could not put them down. My only complaint is that they ended too soon with me wanting the story to continue! Again it was full of magic, action and even a bit of romance in the second of the series. I very much enjoy this authors writings and look forward to more. Brenda

– Enjoyed this story continuation! The action is intense and the world the author has created is amazing. The characters are great and I love the developing relationships. Kacie

– As soon as I picked this up I couldn’t put it down! Ellen’s narrative style of using each Aster as a different POV really brings the characters and world to life, though I have to admit I wish there had been more Nathan in this one (he may be my favourite). The Asters seemed more mature and aware of the consequences of their actions, and I’m really interested to see what will happen next in their story. The Asters seemed more mature and aware of the consequences of their actions, and I’m really interested to see what will happen next in their story. If you’re looking for a new action packed YA fantasy series to get stuck into, I would recommend this one! I can’t wait to read book three! Ellie- My favorite ARC I’ve read! These books are truly fantastic and I can’t wait to continue on with this series. Frances is a queen of cliffhangers. If you’re looking for a fantastic 4 theme book with found family and lots of humor and a wide variety of magic, world building and cultures represented then search no further. CHECK THESE OUT! Brooke

Selected Instagram and Goodreads reviews for A Threat To Remain

– I loved this whole prequel series! This story continued where book 2 left off and continued with lots of action sequences and adventure. The entire story was a page turner and I did not want to put it down. All 5 Aster warriors have a unique brand of magic that the author described throughout the books. I enjoyed how each of the main characters have an exclusive kind of magic but they can each share their abilities with each other. This story finished up nicely and left it open to start the brand new six book series starting in 2022. I look forward to reading each and every one. Thank you Francis Ellen for introducing me to your Asters. I look forward to the new plot twists and surprises that you have in store for your readers. I give this book along with the entire novella series a well deserved 5 stars. Merrit

– Action and adventure awaits in this last of the Asters Trilogy. You begin exactly where the second of the series left off. Excellent world and character building lead you to a very good read that is hard to put down. The ending was superb! It left the story open to the continuation of the adventures of the Asters. I cannot wait to see where it heads next. I really loved this series and highly recommend it to any one that enjoys a magical fantasy. Brenda

– This was amazing! It starts off right where you were left. I swear from start to finish I was on the edge of my seat. This one was full of heart racing moments that kept you going to find out what happened next. I’m so in love with these siblings and I can not wait for the first full novel of them and their story. That ending has me needing more like now! Sasha

– A great ending to this prequel trilogy! So much action, very fast paced. A few good twists and the ending makes me excited to see how the author will expand this world and these characters in the future! Kacie